TLC Preschool 2017 School Portraits

TLC Preschool Families!

Welcome to the 2017 School Portrait website. Here you will find information about viewing and ordering the images taken by Seanette Holler and Loren Haar as part of the Pasta Dinner Fundraiser. Scroll down to find the link to the gallery, price list, and other ordering information. You may pay by credit card online, or cash or check (made out to Loren Haar) to Lisa or Mary. Thank you!!


Loren and Seanette have donated their time 100%, so the more you buy, the more the school benefits! Get your holiday shopping done early!

Here’s how it works. At the Pasta Dinner, we will be showcasing the images for the first time. You will be able to come to our table at the event to view, discuss, and order images — either by credit card online or by paying cash or check (made out to Loren Haar). The ordering process is safe and secure and easy to do. Simply click on your child’s album, click on one of the images, then click on the blue “BUY” button at the top — there you will find the various ordering options listed on the Price Sheet handout. We will be ordering in bulk to keep the prices down, hence the ordering deadline. We will have business cards with the gallery information available to take with you so you can then access the gallery at home, share it with family and friends, and do some more ordering! Did we mention that 


The gallery will remain open for ONE WEEK after the Pasta Dinner for you to order from home or to share the link with family and friends who may want to order. ALL PRINT ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY THE DEADLINE of OCT 22nd. Digital images can still be ordered while the gallery remains live.

You will be able to place a print order through Sunday October 22nd.

To view the gallery, go to:

The Details….


Fine Art School Portraits are a modern approach to school photos. No more forced smiles with strange or fake looking backgrounds. The background will be black and the photos will be simple and classic. Instead of a “smile and say cheese” approach, we encourage children to be themselves and never force a smile. For this reason, some children will have more images in their gallery than others—it just depends on your child’s temperament and mood that day. We had a lot of fun with them and hope you find your child’s unique personality shining through in these portraits.

The online gallery will feature albums for each of the 8 classes at TLC; within each album you will find your child’s album which will include 2-6 images of him or her in both color and black and white. There is also an album for class pictures. (Note: if you order a package, the class picture is included so this album of class pictures is only for ordering extra copies.) Please note, if your child attends five days a week, you will find him or her in the MWF class.


We spent one morning photographing TLC students and their siblings. If you participated in this, click on the album for your child who attends TLC and you will find two sub-albums, one containing the TLC student and the other containing the sibling’s individual images as well as together with their TLC brother or sister.

If you would like to order digital images you have a couple of choices:

  1.  You can order single images from either album (while viewing the image, click on buy and under the “digital images” tab, select “SINGLE DIGITAL IMAGE”)
  2. You can order all the digitals of your TLC student (while viewing any single image, click on buy and under the “digital images” tab, select “ENTIRE ALBUM–all album photos”)
  3. You can order all of the images in both albums. (This is a two step process. First, as above, while viewing any single image in the TLC student’s album, click on buy and under the “digital images” tab, select “ENTIRE ALBUM–all album photos.” Next, do the same thing in the sibling’s album. A $5. discount will automatically be applied when you order all the digitals in both albums — for a total of $85.)

That may seem confusing, so please contact Loren for help: 😉

The download of the full-resolution digital images will be available immediately. You also get one (or two) free 5 x 7s if you order one or both albums. At the very bottom of the order form, click on “add note to studio” to let us know which image(s) (by number) you would like a print of.

Once orders have been placed (by Sunday, Oct 22nd), your prints and canvas gallery wraps will be delivered to your child’s teacher within three weeks and handed out to you.



All print collections are for one single image and come with a complimentary 5 x 7 class photo, if one was taken. Shipping is included.

Collection #1:    (1) 5 x 7; (4) wallets —- $10.00

Collection #2:    (2) 5 x 7s; (4) wallets —- $14.00

Collection #3:    (1) 8 x 10; (2) 5 x 7s; (8) wallets —- $18.00

Collection #4:   (1) 11 x 14; (2) 5 x 7s; (8) wallets —- $24.00

Additional Prints

Additional class photo, 5 x 7 —- $5.00

(8) wallets —- $7.00

(1) 5 x 7 —- $7.00

(2) 5 x 7s —- $10.00

(1) 8 x 10 —- $10.00

(1) 11 x 14 —- $14.00

Digital Files:

Images are available for a direct download of high-resolution files directly from your gallery —- $15.00 per file. 

All digital images of your child — $45.00. (Includes (1) 5 x 7 print, image of your choice)

All digitals of two or more children — $85.00 (Includes (2) 5 x 7 prints, your choice)

Canvas Gallery Wraps:

10 x 10 —- $45.00

11 x 14 —- $60.00

16 x 20 —- $84.00

Questions? Contact Loren at